How To Use Humor to Escalate Your Negotiation With Your Partner

People find many ways to say “funny” in their everyday life. You can find funny TV shows, funny movies, and funny advertisements. Some of the funny things you will find are using words other than “you”, “that”, “us”, and “my”. These other words have “funny” in their name but don’t have an obvious reference to anything else. Watch how you word your statement with these other synonyms.


Think of a situation where you say something you didn’t mean. For example, you make a joke about how ugly some person is. The next time you are around that person, you might think something funny has happened. So what if that person isn’t really that ugly, but you thought it was at the time because you were thinking negatively? Real-life examples like this are very funny business phrases. When you make them part of your normal way of thinking you can use them for good instead of bad.

Look at real-life examples when you think something is funny. If you see a person getting upset over something, but it’s really the guy who is being rude, you may think it’s funny to crack a joke. Try this next experiment. Tell the person to stop being so mad over the situation and tell them that you think it’s really funny that they’re upset. If they agree with you, then that’s a sign they’re already laughing at your jokes.

Think of other funny situations instead. Did you just hear someone mention vacuum cleaners and you’re suddenly laughing at a commercial for them? That’s one example of using humor to bring about a good reaction from others. Humor works in small groups, but when you use it in large groups of people it becomes a powerful tool.

Incongruities can be funny too. When you have two opposite things happening at the same time, you’ll find it hard to tell which is the funny one. Try to notice the incongruities in your daily life and see how you react to them. Incongruities are funny when they do not follow any logical sense of reality. For example, if you are doing your best to win, but your opponent gives you the silent treatment all day long, that will become funny because you are following both logic and common sense.

Sometimes the only reason someone won’t laugh with you or at your jokes is they have a negative reaction to your humor. In this case, all you have to do is switch back to your more positive and humorous approach. Using humor to break through a stalemate can be a great way to get your point across without having to resort to harsh words or even physical violence. It’s all about knowing when and where to draw the line. When you feel like your position is getting hopeless, switch to your humorous approach and watch the reactions of those around you.