The Search For Beauty

Beauty is commonly defined as an aesthetic characteristic of certain objects, which makes those objects pleasurable to see. Such objects may be sunsets, landscapes, humans, and artistic works of art. Beauty, along with beauty, is the most important topic of aesthetics, another of the major branches of science. Although beauty and art have many overlapping concepts, each of them has its own peculiarities.


Most people say that beauty is beauty. However, most of them mean different things by it. Some people say beauty is symmetry and straight lines. On the other hand, others believe that beauty lies in lines and symmetry. Still, there are some who believe that beauty is something that is deeper than both symmetries and lines.

Beauty has been defined by different philosophers through the years. The eighteenth century French philosopher Malebranche defines beauty according to his personal and subjective point of view. He says that beauty is something that exists independent of the observer and that only an individual can measure it. For Malebranche, beauty is a subjective quality that has nothing to do with the physical aspects of a body. Thus, it cannot be seen or measured.

According to German philosopher Sigmund Freud, beauty is the desire felt for the physical being, and this desire increases if the person can attain the object of his desire. According to quantum physicists, beauty are mental states of an individual due to which he can evaluate his inner state and can determine the physical aspect of his life. According to British philosopher Immanuel Kant, beauty is only the subjective feeling of being beautiful. Beauty as such is not dependent on anything and can be perceived at every point of our experience.

Beauty has in fact occupied a central place in all human societies throughout the history of mankind. Every society has its own notion of beauty. Even though men and women of modern times have become somewhat similar in their outlooks and definitions of beauty, the idea of beauty remains a highly valued one for many. Beauty is the mark of an intelligent mind and can be found in all the works of literature, art, music, sculpture and even in nature. Beauty is the one aspect of life, which makes each one of us to feel attracted to others and also makes every one of us to feel dejected if we find ourselves not aesthetically pleasing.

No one can ever tell what is not a beauty. Everyone is attracted towards certain faces and this attraction is only augmented when we find out that these faces are beautiful. When you listen to the words of famous poets and musicians you will find that they describe Beauty as a divine and eternal feeling that can never be described in words. Everyone feels beautiful, irrespective of race, religion or background, but when you try to define beauty you will find that there are many different definitions of beauty. True beauty lies in the inner sense of a person and one must therefore try to understand one’s own self before he or she starts projecting the outer beauty.