A Few Good Ways to Make a Funny Person Feel Better


A Few Good Ways to Make a Funny Person Feel Better

Humour or comedy is a tendency towards humorous experiences which often give entertainment and elicit laughs. The word derives from the natural physiology of the ancients, who taught that the balance of vital fluids in the body, called humours, controlled emotion and overall health. Humour can be contagious when the right amount of funny material is given out in the right situation and in the right combination.

In the case of humour, it can be said that there is an emotional reaction that is triggered by the incongruity between what is expected (laughter) and what actually is received (humour). A classic example is biting one’s nails as an act of affection. People feel great pain and joy simultaneously. However, this does not necessarily translate into humour. A deadpan delivery of a comic line can be just as effective.

Laughter is one of the world’s oldest tricks. It is one of the oldest tricks but probably one of its most famous. The basis of funny lines and how they are delivered is also rooted in laughter. When we laugh, we express delight or joy. The feeling that accompanies a funny bit of dialogue is, of course, pure pleasure.

A good funny quote is always a source of pure joy and pure happiness, as is any occasion that includes a smile or laughter. That is why, when we are sad, angry or depressed, or anything else that makes us feel bad, we are much better disposed to finding a funny quote than looking for a solution. We know we are lighter, happier and less stressed if we have shared some funny experiences.

When people are bereft of laughter, serious thinking can become impossible. The best way to prevent this from happening is by ensuring that we have the right incongruities and the right timing. There are many types of incongruities that can add just the right amount of hilarity to a situation. When an old, unfashionable saying hits you like a ton of bricks, literally and metaphorically, it is a funny sight; and this will add to the overall effect. When a seemingly inoffensive statement makes you laugh so hard that you almost fall to the ground, you can sense that some underlying humor has been added. When a funny moment is added to an otherwise stressful situation, it provides relief, as it often replaces the worry and fear that can make us feel sad or unhappy.

Laughter, fun ni dee, humor, are a few of the best ways to make someone feel better, or even laugh so hard that they fall to the ground. If you are looking for a funny person, just look for someone who finds the humor in situations that make them feel sad, blue, or depressed. The rest will happen automatically and without much effort.