A Funny Tip – Discovering Extremely Funny People

When you think of funny, do you think of a punch line that gets a laugh or do you think of a story told by a comedian? The truth is that the two aren’t that far apart. I have a friend who used to get really upset when someone said something was funny. He would say, “You just said that was funny!” He told me a story about a time he took a joke too far.


He is a pretty funny guy. What was he laughing at? There is no icky thing about it. Something funny is icky. You can tell when someone is trying to get you to laugh because they are trying to get you to feel something other than what you are feeling when you hear a sick joke.

The first two factors that make a funny moment funny are the comedian and the audience. The audience can bring in the added factor of bringing in their own emotions to the mix which gives you more to play around with when you’re watching a stand up comedy routine or reading a humorous article. That’s why you’ll often find a punch line that works so well delivered in delivery. If you can find your timing, this can make for some of the funnier lines in stories.

An additional factor is the comedian. Some stand ups are just not humorous no matter how good they are. They just happen to be so incredibly funny. That is to be expected. But if you find a routine where the comedian does something that is out of the ordinary and done in a manner that is uniquely his, then you may have found a funny tip.

But another factor for making something funny is the actual words that are used. Many jokes are told through the use of certain words. Not everyone knows all of them but the repetition of a word or phrase tends to make something funny. You don’t want to use the exact same words over again because you end up having the same joke. Instead, you need to come up with your own style of delivering jokes that will keep the crowd laughing and give them something to smile about.

There are many other factors that make a joke funny. It’s just a matter of finding a few different ones that work. In many cases, just knowing the general format of making jokes will help you be able to find an exceptionally funny people when you need it. That’s why there are several tools out there for humor.