A True Beauty Essay


A True Beauty Essay

Beauty is commonly defined as a subjective feeling of qualities that makes these objects enjoyable to see. These objects could be nature, humans, landscapes and works of art. Beauty, along with individual taste and aesthetics, is arguably the most influential subject of aesthetics, among the various branches of post-classical philosophy.

A beauty theme is usually considered to be a personal preference that may be objective or subjective, grounded on some concept of what is beautiful. Most essays on aesthetics present their themes through a discussion of the physical aspects of beauty such as appearance, composition, color, shape and so on. The idea behind this is that beauty is determined by the physical factors that surround an object, regardless of culture or time. It then follows that there can be more than just the five physical aspects of beauty which are also discussed in beauty essays. Beauty is determined by a combination of the five mentioned aspects.

Subjective beauty is also called aesthetic beauty and is based upon how an individual feels about an object based upon how it pleases the senses. Aesthetics is considered to be a branch of philosophy that believes that all human beings share the same natural, personal and individualistic characteristics that make each of us unique and have a personal aesthetic sense of beauty. Aesthetic beauty has been linked closely to psychology, and the study of the psychological or emotional feelings associated with beauty. For instance, ancient Greeks thought that beauty was related to immortality, and as such every person born under the age of thirty had a natural, immortal beauty.

To present a physical aspect of beauty, the topic of the beauty of the eye was raised in an essay called the “eries” of beauty. This essay argued that the eye is the window to the soul, and the former is always more beautiful than the latter. The “eries” of beauty explored various bodily aspects of the face and different emotions expressed through them to present a description of a beautiful person.

Philosopher Aristotle pointed out that beauty is found in the eye of the beholder, and was argued by some philosophers that all beauty is merely subjective and only perceived by the individual who sees the beauty. Some philosophers feel that only through art can beauty be universally understood, while others believe that beauty is subjective and not something that can truly be described or judged by anyone else. Some beauty is subjective because the beauty of one person is different from the beauty of another, and the beauty of an entire culture is relative to the culture itself. It is up to the beholder to determine what is beautiful.

Beauty is subjective because it depends on the emotions that surround us and how deeply we are affected by those emotions. A beauty essay can explore those aspects surrounding us to present findings on what is beautiful. In nature, many types of animals and plants exhibit similar physical traits and patterns as to what is considered beautiful. In nature, animals manifest their ability to survive by displaying these traits. By studying nature, it becomes possible for one to understand the concept of beauty.