Achieving Funny – The Cognitive Abilities of Comedy Performers


Achieving Funny – The Cognitive Abilities of Comedy Performers

Here are some quick and dirty funny line ideas that will get you and your friends talking. Remember, if you use too many ‘dick’ words you may look silly. Watch out!

Jokes are one of the oldest forms of humor. Humor makes life easier. Making people laugh builds relationships and bonds. You never get to meet the person who told the joke before you, but when they are gone you still have the memory of that funny story. That memory of humor is priceless.

When you hear a funny story about someone or something you like, you may laugh. It doesn’t matter if the story is true or not. You may even keep talking about it for days after hearing it. Most people can’t wait to hear more about the person or the story behind the funny quote. When you see other funny things being said by comedians, you start thinking about all the funny stories you know and make them part of your daily routine.

One of the best ways to make people laugh is through telling a funny story. Tell a funny but timely story about something you have done or something you love. Making others laugh is very easy once you can get them in the mood for a humorous tale.

The ability to use humor in a setting is important. Stand up comedians can use humor to get a crowd excited about something that is happening or going down in their world. The jokes can be about current events in the news or things that make them smile. Getting the crowd involved is key when you are trying to build camaraderie, especially in an athletic arena.

Using humor is a great way to get people from their seats and into your show. People tend to remember what they heard on stage better than what they heard in the audience. This is one of the most important things to remember when performing live. There is no better way to get your jokes into the audience’s brain than with humor. If you use your comedy to enhance the performance of other actors or singers, then you will be creating a successful live show.

When you watch stand up comedians, you may notice some that do not deliver the jokes with any humor. There are several reasons for this; they may not have developed any funny material over the years or they may be nervous before going on stage. Some of these comedians might try to use humor so they can overcome their nerves. This is a good thing, but if the joke does not work, then you have wasted your time.

Using humor in your stand-up comedy seems like a logical way to get your jokes in front of people. When you are performing live shows, the audience is not sitting and watching you. They are standing and interacting with you. This will help you to be more funny and keep your material from being boring or trying too hard to get your jokes in peoples’ heads.

When you are performing live, you must always know when to let go of your material and move on to another set of jokes. Otherwise, you could tire yourself out. If you have been making people laugh with your jokes for awhile, then you should not feel the pressure of performing live. The pressure comes with new material and performing live. Taking time to develop the content of your jokes will make your performance more enjoyable.