Beauty – What Is It? And How Can You Make It More Real?


Beauty – What Is It? And How Can You Make It More Real?

Beauty is defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary as “A beautiful appearance or the graceful appearance.” This definition is widely used, but its meaning has sometimes been stretched. Beauty is commonly defined as a subjective quality of things that makes these things pleasant to see. These things might include sunsets, landscapes, humans and other artistic works. Beauty, with taste and art, is often the most important theme of aesthetics, another of the major branches of modern philosophy.

A common question asked about beauty is what it is and how to best define beauty. To some people it might mean something different from beauty to someone else. In general though, the majority of people agree that beauty is subjective, based upon an individual’s point of view, and not necessarily a physical attribute. When we look at things objectively though, it becomes clear that beauty is a subjective quality that cannot be taken on objectively, and is more importantly, can only be appreciated in the eyes of the beholder.

Beauty is a highly individual concept, depending on each person’s culture and beliefs about beauty. People differ on what is beautiful, what makes a face beautiful, and even whether certain facial expressions are considered to be beauty in some circles of society. Beauty is subjective to the individual, and not dependent on anything else. Whether someone is ugly, rich, intelligent, etc does not make their definition of beauty any less true, or their sense of it any less valid.

The only factors that truly define beauty are the individual’s perspective and personal preferences. The basis of beauty for most people is still beauty, regardless of anything else. A make-up artist might decide to use something off-white because that is her favorite color, and that white canvas is also considered to be very beautiful. Another artist may choose to use very dark shades of gray as well, because gray is considered to be very beautiful and elegant. The difference between these two examples is the beliefs of their creators, and their individual perspective of beauty.

There are several different ways to look at beauty. Most people agree on the idea that beauty is something that is internal, and that it can be seen by the eyes. But how do you see your own beauty? Is your ideal beauty one that you have been trying to achieve and have finally been able to achieve through the efforts of your self-esteem, persistence, and hard work? Or do you believe that what you have is what you were given, and feel beautiful no matter what anyone else thinks?

No matter which definition of beauty you choose, there is always a way to enhance your beauty, to make yourself look more beautiful. Many of us go through life trying to find ways to make our appearances more appealing. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look more attractive, but when this comes at the expense of health, and happiness, it is definitely not the way to go. It is better to seek out beauty in the natural forms, such as those that are found in make-up. Make-up can accentuate your features and disguise your flaws, so that you can be beautiful and still feel confident and happy about your appearance.