How to Become Funny – Two Comedy Writing Tips

Humor or comedy is the prevailing trend of emotional experiences to elicit sympathy and give entertainment. Humor is an important part of human interaction. The word was derived from the Greek humoral therapy of the ancient Greeks, who taught that the state of fluidity in the body, called humors, controlled emotion and human wellness. According to recent research, the “giggles” people experience while laughing, are actually the result of increased blood flow to the facial area, and not the source of the giggle. Similarly, the laughter-induced glee of children after watching a funny movie is not the result of increased blood flow, but of a state of happiness they have undergone by witnessing and enjoying the cartoon characters.


Most people agree that a comic is funny if he or she can evoke a positive response in their audience. But how do you determine if a comedian is using the right kind of language or behavior for your situation? There is no exact way of measuring humor because different people have different personalities. Nevertheless, a few rules of thumb can help you determine whether a comedian is using the right kind of language in order to get the reaction he or she wants.

A good funny quote is one that can accurately express the feeling of the joke writer. It is not funny if the joke is delivered in a false way. For instance, if a joke is intended to offend sensitive people by making fun of a certain social class, the comedian would not be funny. Instead, the audience will react with disgust or amusement.

If a joke falls short of achieving its goal of making people laugh, it failed in its intention. Conversely, if the audience feels uncomfortable, the comedian’s attempt has been successful. It’s important to remember that we all react differently to different kinds of humor. What makes one funny may not be funny to another. An oft-quoted saying, “laughter is the best medicine” certainly applies in this case.

The difference between extremely funny people and the crowd that surround them is their ability to know when to shut up and enjoy the moment. Sometimes the crowd will laugh so hard that other people are hurt. However, an exceptionally funny person knows when to shut down, smile, and continue with his or her performance.

Incongruity is a key factor that distinguishes between extremely funny people and the crowd that surround them. Incongruities are divided into two categories, the obvious ones and the less obvious ones. In the less obvious category, there are times when a joke is delivered that it comes off as offensive to the people listening to it. On the other hand, there are times when the joke’s unintentional insult is equally funny.