How to Make Funny Jokes at Conferences


How to Make Funny Jokes at Conferences

Laughter is the best medicine. The power of expression can heal the sick and the hurting, so why not share that power by sharing some funny stuff. Share a funny video that you found online, load it up on your iPod, or use a screen recorder to take a funny video and post it to YouTube. Or even better, download one of the best funny stuff sayings to say to the crowd or those closest to you. Here are some of the best funny stuffs to share:

o Funny clips from other people. Load up a video from one of your favorite celebrities and say things about them; you can write your own joke if you have the time, but the one thing that is certain is that you will find lots of other funny stuffs to make your jokes about the celebrity even funnier. You can also add in your own jokes and funny bits in the video, making it more hilarious and ready for the viral rounds.

o Woody Allen quotes. Everyone loves a good quote from the master, especially if it is funny and has some meaning behind it. Browse through some of Woody Allen’s famous quotes and see how many ways you can make them funny and fit into your presentation or speech. You could even consider adding your own quote as a comment to suit the mood of the moment.

o Funny sayings. This is probably the ultimate category of all the different kinds of funny stuffs to say something about someone or something else. From the humbling (but funny) to the reverent (but still funny) to the downright hilarious (but still funny) you can be sure to find an appropriate funny saying that fits perfectly into almost any situation. Make a point of including these sayings in any speeches that you give, especially those where you wish to emphasize some points about your government or about the current state of the economy.

o Turning negative into funny. Some people find it very hard to laugh at themselves (how many times have you heard a speaker say ‘oh, I’m so sorry’ or’regrettably, I know what you’re going through’? But then, few can also manage to joke at someone or make them laugh, so it becomes a problem when trying to turn negative into something else – and this is where the comedians’ repertoire comes in. Try a few jokes out on your audience and watch how the crowd responds to you – it can be quite funny, at least in its own way.

Getting the right jokes is a matter of creativity. But it is also about getting the right timing. Don’t try to work too fast. If you are running out of time to prepare, just take a little stroll around the conference room and you might just find some funny things that you can include in your humor when the opportunity presents itself during your speech or when you are talking with the guests.