Is in the Eye of the beholder – The Concept of Beauty


Is in the Eye of the beholder – The Concept of Beauty

Beauty is widely defined as a subjective aspect of certain objects which makes these objects enjoyable to see. These objects may be landscapes, sunsets, beautiful humans and other works of artwork. Beauty, with aesthetic sense and art, is probably the most significant area of aesthetics, among the various branches of natural philosophy.

The study of beauty has various consequences not only for aesthetic appreciation, but also for scientific studies. For example, many scientists have discovered that there are genetic differences in the visual ability and behavior of human beings, and that beauty is a highly relevant component for such personality traits. In addition, many psychologists argue that beauty is necessary for psychological health and that it influences the physical attractiveness and self-esteem of individuals. There have been several debates between various cultures on the definition of beauty. According to some people, beauty is inherent in all human beings; while others define beauty in cultural context and relate the act of beauty to social class or ethnicity.

It seems that the debate will continue until there are definitive answers to these questions. However, some recent developments have brought about certain theories which attempt to provide a unified explanation for the existence and the value of beauty. According to these theories, beauty is considered art and is an essential characteristic of humans. The theories generally suggest that beauty relates to the aspects of human life which can be objectively measured, and which are considered to be universal. Some theories even specify that beauty is the essential characteristic of the human race.

In fact, these theories may be regarded as scientific definitions of beauty. However, there are also other interpretations based on aesthetic experiences. It has been argued that different cultures have different aesthetical experiences because each culture values beauty differently. On this view, the value of beauty varies according to the situation determines the degree of beauty that needs to be emphasized. Beauty is not the same for every beholder.

This is because beauty marks vary between people. In Asian countries for instance, the majority of women have small, dark colored skin while the men have skin of a lighter tone. It has also been found that the intensity of skin color and the color of eyes differs among different cultural groups. Thus, it can be concluded that a particular aesthetic experience and/or level of beauty varies according to the cultural norms of various cultures. These norms usually originate from parents, family members and other social influences.

However, these concepts are not absolute. For instance, the concept of beauty which is in the eye of the beholder may be different in the case of African women than among European or American women. In fact, it is impossible to draw a general conclusion about the definition of beauty in the different cultures. However, one thing is for sure, everybody views beauty differently.