Make Your Funny Jokes and Comedy Products Work Your Way to Success

One of my favorite sayings is, “If you have a problem find a funny quote and keep saying it.” Sometimes it is easy to fall into the rut of thinking, “What is wrong with me?” I’ve learned to turn that around and say, “I have a problem.”


Recently, a friend of mine found a website where you can use comedy quotes to improve your cognitive abilities. He said he was a funny guy. What is so funny about him? Well, he told a great story about going to the bar after work one night and sitting up all night.

Eventually a couple comes up and starts talking to him and when they ask him some funny jokes, he doesn’t know what to say. So he goes up to them and starts telling them jokes. After a few minutes, the guy cracks and says, “I’m a funny guy.” Wow! So what is so funny about this?

It turns out that it was his understanding of humor that made him crack. People who are real funny are really very aware of how their behavior impacts others. We learn humor from watching comedians or observing other people act funny. Humor is contagious and we all get more funny when we are around others who make us laugh.

Another funny tip for getting your humor glands working more is to say something unexpected to another person. Everyone has an inner critic that can criticize you without even saying a word. To change how you feel about yourself, you must challenge those feelings and change your opinion of yourself. By saying something unexpected to someone, you instantly change their perspective of you in their minds. When you make an observation about something, you can make someone see something in a totally different way.

There are other ways to learn about humor. If you want to be a better comedian, find a good coach or class and watch real-life examples of comedians. There are many stand-up comedians who are extraordinarily funny. These are just a few of the ways you can be funny and have a lot of fun in life.

To become funnier, there is no “magic pill.” You have to practice jokes, try out different ones and do a little bit of acting to develop your skills. When you watch other comedians, take note of the things they do to become funny. Watch them and mimic them. Also, watch other movies and shows to find out what is funny and what is not funny.

Take some time and try to think about the kinds of things you tell yourself when you are thinking of a funny line. Often, we say a joke but we are only repeating things we already said in our heads. So if you tell yourself you’re going to laugh at this, chances are you will. However, this does not mean you will actually laugh at the joke, you just said it in your mind.

So, be careful with what you say. Be careful about the things you say to yourself. When you are listening to a show on television or watching a film, pay attention to what the comedian is saying. Learn to identify when the comic is getting real and when he is just saying a funny catchphrase or a silly line to make his point. When you are watching TV, you should try to notice when some of the shows or movies are being funny and when they aren’t. If you can pinpoint when a comedian is having a good time and when he isn’t, you will be able to start making your own funny commercials or jokes.