The Art of Being Funny

The art of being funny is not hard to learn. Depending on the person and the situation, comedy is benign or a violation of social norms. It is the act of breaking the rules, and making people laugh or chuckle that makes it so interesting and memorable. The best comics are those that have a wide variety of experiences that have been documented and studied. Here are a few of the ways you can make others laugh. Read on to learn how to be funny.


The Macmillan English Dictionary defines funny as “astoundingly silly, amusing, or humorous.” It’s a great resource to use when looking up words, phrases, and expressions. You can use the online dictionary to search for definitions and examples of funny. Try a few to find out what you like in a joke. If you’re not sure, try using the thesaurus to help you decide on the right word.

Aside from being a synonym for “funny,” funny is also used to describe underhanded or suspicious behavior. For example, the phrase “funny business” describes criminal activity. Some deals that seem too good to be true can be considered funny. The word is also used to describe unusual, odd, or curious behavior. You can find a funny sentence in any context by using a few of the following: (b) A funny joke is a joke about a situation that makes you laugh, or c) A story with a storyline.

A good way to delay the onset of funny is to reference items that made you laugh previously. This way, you can create new material based on earlier conversations. Some of these examples are stories you tell yourself or those told to you by a third party. You can use the same technique to add new lines to the conversation. It’s easy to apply this technique in both verbal and non-verbal communication. And you can also incorporate the callback into your conversation with the same people.

The word funny has many definitions. In some cases, the word may refer to something that is suspicious or underhanded. Among these is the phrase “funny business.” The term can also refer to a business deal that seems too good to be true. Despite the fact that it may be the same in both cases, it is not funny if it is not funny. When this happens, it may be an overreaction to a certain situation or idea.

A funny word can be defined as something that makes you laugh. In many cases, the word is a synonym for “funny.” It may also be used to describe something that is not quite what you would expect. For example, a person might consider a certain person to be funny if she is a clown. A good joke is a way to make people laugh. And, it might even be a form of communication.