The Concept of Beauty Is Not the True Beauty

“Beauty” is commonly defined as an attractive feature of things which makes these things enjoyable to see. These things include sunsets, landscapes, beautiful humans and creative works of art. Beauty, along with beauty, is perhaps the most important consideration of aesthetics, one of the most important branches of psychology. It is also one of the most debated topics, with people of different cultures having different definitions of beauty ranging from the sublime to the trashy. This article will focus on beauty as it relates to oneself, others and art.


The idea of beauty has nothing to do with physical features, and everything to do with personal values, attitudes and mindset. We all want to be attractive, but some people have the perception that in order to be attractive, you have to have perfect, wrinkle-free skin. If you get flawless skin and an attractive body you will surely be more attractive than someone who has acne, cellulite or saggy skin.

But beauty is about much more than appearance, it’s about how you feel inside and your sense of self worth. It’s about the satisfaction you get from looking at yourself in the mirror and finding those healthy, strong and attractive features. So appearance is not the true beauty, although this seems to be what most women think. It’s about the satisfaction you get from looking at yourself in the mirror and finding your own personal beauty – not your beauty being compared to others and their beauty.

It is true that beauty is very important to most of us. We are bombarded by ads and media messages telling us that we need to be ugly to be happy. But, beauty is a concept that goes beyond what we can see and touch. True beauty lies within, it is our inner beauty, and the real happiness is found when we find this within and are happy with our inner beauty. When you find your own beautiful self, you will experience true happiness.

Happiness is found not when we are content with our appearance but when we are content with our inner beauty. Think of your own beautiful body. How happy would you be if you knew that you had the most beautiful, healthy and glowing skin? If you have the inner beauty that comes from being naturally attractive, then your skin will reflect this. When you have glowing, beautiful skin, you radiate beauty and this radiance fills all who view you. This radiance and the happiness it brings, is the happiness we all want to experience.

Women should not be held responsible for their beauty. True beauty is found within and it is our responsibility to find it within ourselves first. We will achieve real beauty when we let go of the concept of beauty and embrace true happiness. We will all be beautiful.