The Power of Humor

Funny is a term that describes a level of humorousness in a person. Funny things can make you laugh or smile, but only if something is actually funny, it usually makes you laugh so hard you want to cry. Of course, what is funny to you may not be funny to somebody else. So, how do you know when is the time to share your funny feelings and thoughts? When is the right moment to let loose and let the world know your innermost feelings?

Some may find it funny when a famous person responds to their jokes. There are many famous people who have shared funny stories. For instance, if you watch any comedy or comic strips, you will notice there are many comic strips that have some good ones. When this happens, you will likely laugh along with the funny story. This is the right moment to share your funny story with someone who would be really interested.

However, when a funny story is told by someone who isn’t famous, often you won’t find much humor in them. It will likely be more irritating than beneficial. You see, when a funny event occurs, you have to analyze what made the event funny. Was it the situation, the words used, or even the timing of telling the story? Once you understand why the event was funny, you are closer to being able to share your own funny moments and secrets with others.

Jokes are meant to be shared to help bring people together. Funny jokes bring out the lighter side in people, and allow you to connect with another person on a deeper level. People laugh at funny stories because they connect with the character being portrayed. This makes them part of the characters act, and sometimes the situation becomes funny just from the pure absurd nature of it all. It can be hard to find the right funny jokes, but once you locate them, you will find that sharing these with others is therapeutic. It will also allow you to share your own humor and facetiousness with others, which will bring you a lot of pleasure.

The same holds true for funny songs. Humorous songs are another important component to the act of sharing your humor. The right song will make others laugh, and can even instill a sense of joy within them. When we are sad or feel down, our sadness seeps into our everyday life, and we become depressed. When we are happy, our sense of humor will help us put smiles on our faces, and lift up our spirits.

Sometimes there will be an unintentional joke within a line or in the entire situation. There is always the chance that someone will misunderstand a situation. If you or someone you know has developed an understanding of humor, and are willing to share it with others, humor will enrich your life. Incongruity is the key to a successful life. Laughing together keeps us on track, and understanding one another, as we move towards a better, more fulfilling tomorrow.