What Is Beauty?


What Is Beauty?

Beauty is defined as a subjective quality of objects that makes those objects enjoyable to see. Such objects may be humans, nature and landscapes. Beauty, along with personal preference, is perhaps the most important theme of aesthetic, one of the most important branches of contemporary philosophy. In recent years the word “beauty” has become very popular, as many different books and articles have been published on this topic. A major portion of artistic expression has been devoted to beauty, and modern artists have used various tools and techniques to describe, criticize and even ridicule its importance and influence on our culture and society.

People’s opinions about beauty are based largely on their cultural heritage and personal opinions. However, research indicates that beauty has changed very little over time. What may seem beautiful to you, may not appear so to another cultures or individuals. The physical traits that beauty includes have been the object of human scrutiny for centuries. For example, beauty standards were tied to societal status and the beauty of a person was closely tied to societal expectations. It was only with the advent of modernity that people began to challenge these beauty standards.

The definition of beauty varies widely according to personality, but a common factor in all people is a desire to be understood, appreciated and lusted. Modern fashion trends continue to expose more people to the notion of beauty. The media also plays an important role in creating this conception of beauty through its portrayal of beauty in the form of fashion, makeup and photography. Beauty is defined differently by each individual, but the concept of beauty remains universal.

The desire for beauty is so universal that it has become a standard in the way people judge others. We look at beautiful models and celebrities in magazines, we admire performers on stage and television. We even base our opinion of a person’s attractiveness on his or her on the definition of beauty given by the media and society in general. A slim thick person is considered beautiful by most people, no matter what he or she does. A curvy woman on the runway is deemed beautiful by most viewers, regardless of her achievements.

Beauty is a subjective concept, which can mean different things to different people, but there is one common denominator in regard to beauty. All humans want to be seen as beautiful. Whether it is through their physical appearance or in the definition of beauty, all humans want to be seen as beautiful and to experience continual attempts at looking one’s best.

In order to create beauty in ourselves, we need to first be aware of our own beauty. By engaging with beauty on a daily basis through reading books, watching television programs, or engaging with social media, we can begin to realize our own beauty. There are beauty standards that can help us define and assess our beauty. This self-awareness can then help us in the application of beauty, which can lead to improved self-confidence and improved relationships with others.