What is the Relationship Between Humor and Conversation?

In our daily life, we use funny things to make people laugh. Funny things and synonyms have been used since a long time ago. Even in the bible, you will find that there are plenty of funny things in the Word of God. Synonyms and funny words have even appeared in the New Testament.


The famous stand-up comic, Richard Lewis, said that the best thing for him to do is to find the exact opposite answer to a joke, and this was the start of his long funny career. He started out by doing several impressions on the radio and on TV shows, until he finally ended up becoming a popular stand-up comic. His trademark phrase, “Don’t take me on, motherfucker!” became one of his trademarks.

Richard Lewis also talked about his theory of funnyness and its relation to human behavior. He maintained that there are two types of humor, one is the malicious and the other is the benign. He maintained that the people who laugh at other’s misfortune are the ones who are kind and the others are the ones who are malicious. In his theory, the people who are kind laugh with others’ good intention, but the ones who are malicious laugh at the other party’s bad intention.

Richard Lewis also talked about the relation of humor and communication. Humor can actually make us listen and absorb what we are being told. But then, it can also ruin our mood or our state of mind. It can make us angry, sad, and even happy at the same time. This can be seen from the way our favoritecomedians tell some jokes and how they put some twist to their punch lines.

The third funny thing that Richard Lewis brought up in his talk was the incongruity theory. This refers to the fact that there are many kinds of humor, but they all contradict each other when it comes to speaking and acting. Incongruity is actually the opposing force to the other kinds, and it is very noticeable when two people who know each other have totally opposite opinions about a topic, which they are both trying to talk about.

Incongruity results in funny situations such as when a man tries to tell a woman that her shoes are too big. When a man tells a woman that her shoes are too small, she will probably laugh at him. However, when she is wearing a pair of stilettos, she will find it very hard to laugh. Richard Lewis knew that there are many kinds of humor, and he used the examples of different kinds of people to prove that sometimes, you just need to recognize the incompatible concepts in order to make yourself understand the funny situation.