Best Chorus Pedals for Tube Amp – Top Picks

Finding the best chorus pedals for tube amp can be so agonizingly difficult. Choosing just the for your tube amp can be a tough choice. There are so many different chorus pedals on the market! Picking the best chorus pedal for your tube amp can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But what is a chorus pedal? How does it work? And what are the pros and cons of each one? And why do they each have different tones? Without a clear understanding of what you need, it would be impossible to choose one particular chorus pedal. To make things easier for you, we tried and tested all the best chorus pedals in our lab before writing this article. Our aim is to help you make an informed choice when buying your next chorus pedal.

You’ll never need another guide. Our detailed best will put you in control. Find out the best settings, how to troubleshoot when you don’t hear the same effects as others, and all the other insider information to take control of your tone. We spent over 30 hours testing the best chorus pedals for a tube amp and analyzing what real experts and buyers say about each product. If you want to know what we learned during our research, just keep reading.

Rowin Analog: Best Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal for Tube Amp

Our best-selling Rowin Analog can provide you with everything you need to create a relaxing and magical sound for your music. This pro-quality pedal is both flexible and well-designed, allowing the guitarist to produce a smooth and consistent effect that can be used for warm-ups before gigs or during recording.

This pedal is easy to use, includes a power supply, and the pedal can be mounted on any standard size pedalboard. Great for guitarists looking to add effects to their sound and bring in a touch of warmth. The Rowin analog chorus guitar effect pedal is a high-quality, durable, and versatile chorus pedal designed to add depth and texture to your tone.

The AN360 is equipped with an effects loop that allows you to use this pedal’s extra thick low end on a single amp. The AN360 also features three selectable modes: chorus, shower, and pitch vibrato, all of which are footswitch controllable. This is a compact pedal with a big sound. Use it to add thickness and depth to your sound.

This pedal features a nice control layout for easy tweaking on stage. This is a boutique reverb pedal built with a very small footprint, without taking away any of the essential features. From echo to vibrato to chorus and beyond, the Rowin Chorus has you covered.

Combine that with its high-quality components and the Rowin Chorus can produce rich tones that are well suited for nearly any type of musical or artistic application. This is a shimmering chorus pedal for electric guitar that stands out by the presence of the upper frequencies register shifting.

The CHORUS FIGARO gives your sound a bright and warm tone with an analog delay effect. Its low noise level allows you to play it in any situation without interrupting you. All these features are included in a beautiful red metal housing.

Donner Tutti Love: High Rated Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal for Tube Amp

The Donner Tutti Love Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal is an all-analog pedal featuring true bypass switching. This chorus gives a nice warm, spacey, and lush sound. The Tutti Love is perfect for those looking for a classic rich-sounding chorus. Pure analog signal path and standard mono 1/4″. It looks like a regular analog pedal that you would see a guitarist use.

The difference with this pedal is its heavy-duty construction allowing it to hold up in the elements of live music. The tone is clear and smooth sounding, unlike many other similar pedals. This is a perfect chorus pedal for guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, and anyone who wants their instrument to sound more like a full band.

The Tutti Love offers distinct controls for both Chorus and Detune – dialing in chorus relief or detune dissonance. It’s small, affordable, true bypass, and yet sounds amazing. This is the purest analog chorus you will ever hear. Yes, we know the internet is filled with hyperbole, exclamation points, and overstatements, but we are going to make an exception just this once so forgive us in advance.

We have used the same top-notch components available to us on boutique pedals to insure a BLEMISH-free (see what we did there) pedal that will last for years. With true bypass, ultra-low noise, rock-solid controls, and a sound you can only describe as incredible, this pedal is worthy of praise.

The Tutti Love is a with the capability for an incredibly lush, warm, and thick chorus or sets up a rhythmic oscillating effect. This vintage chorus sound is available in single- or multi-voice mode. Selectable on/off LED’s create an attractive light show when engaged. With True bypass, Analog circuitry, Blue status LED’s, The Tutti Love will bring your tones to life.

JHS Pedals 3 Series: Excellent Chorus Pedal (3SCHORUS)

JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus (3SCHORUS) reissued limited-edition, boutique chorus from the days before there was a JHS Pedals. The one and only circuits are back, unchanged in their glory, and tweaked for a few minor improvements.

The 3SCHORUS brings that lush, shimmery chorus sound we all know and love with the addition of a dry volume knob that allows you to completely cut the wet signal so you can use it as a clean boost. This is an affordable chorus pedal with multiple modes and controls. It offers a classic chorus sound, along with 3 different variations of it.

You can get the swirling sounds of a vintage chorus for a completely different dimension to your tone. The selector switch allows you to choose between regular, shimmer, and forward modes. In shimmer mode, the pedal produces a modulated, liquidy chorus sound similar to the classic EHX Small Clone chorus effect.

In forwarding mode, the pedal produces a more fluid swishy sound similar to that of an EP-3 Echoplex with its feedback loop engaged. JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus – Hand-wired for TLC in Petaluma, California, the JHS 3 Series Chorus offers three different modes of the chorus that you can toggle on and off with the flip of a switch.

This pedal also has controls to adjust the mix between the dry signal and the chorus, and an intensity knob that adjusts how hard or soft the chorus is. Chorus pedals for worship and guitars are a staple in most players’ arsenals.

Depending upon what type of worship service you are in, you may have to control the level of thickness and thickness can completely change your style of play or even knock you off. All 3 JHS Pedals models have been exceedingly developed for a safe, smooth, and warm tone. You’ll thrill in hours of playing time with these pedals.

WET DREAMS Analog: Perfect Chorus Effect Pedal by Deadbeat Sound

Best chorus pedals for worship – America’s favorite chorus pedal. Enjoy a 7-year warranted chorus pedal with your Deadbeat Sound WET DREAMS Analog Chorus Effect Pedal. Get your tone stack just right with our new analog design that is equipped with a blend knob to adjust the wet-dry ratio.

This new version of the classic BBD chorus pedal is equipped with a true bypass footswitch and also features a VOODOO LAB vintage accuracy tone control which includes treble, middle, and bass controls for that sweet analog tone stack. This pedal was designed for echo and chorus effects, with controls that include Rate, Depth, and Mix.

The Rate control adjusts the speed of the modulation between fast and slow movements, perfect for doubling leads or creating swells. The Depth control alters the amount of effect that is added to your signal, creating sounds from slight doubling to a thick wash of delay. The mix control allows you to combine the wet and dry signals in a ratio of up to 50/50 proportion.

This Pedal is a perfect first pedal to start your effects collection. For an affordable price, you get a chorus pedal that has a wet/dry mix knob to manipulate the amount of chorus you want, as well as knobs for the rate and depth.

This chorus pedal also features true bypass switching so that no power is drawn when not in use, LED status indicators so you always know what mode it is in, and input and output jacks so you can connect it easily to your favorite gear. Deadbeat Sound is proud to present our new line of Wet Dreams chorus pedals.

With an all-analog signal path, true bypass switches, and boutique quality components; the Wet Dream line offers a unique take on the iconic Boss CE-1 chorus pedal.

 GOKKO AUDIO GK-23 Angel: Excellent Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal for Tube Amp

Best Chorus Pedals for Worship – Choosing a chorus pedal for worship can be tricky if you are not familiar with the instrument, what it. GK-23 Angel Series True Bypass, Analog Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal is our first new product release in 20 years and is based on the same design as the original CH-1 but with improved specifications and materials.

GOKKO Angel Series pedals are inspired by the vintage RAT distortion pedal using special alloy components and boutique parts to guarantee the ultimate tone on each of these pedals. This is designed to give the guitarist the beautiful sound of the chorus without breaking the bank. Plus, we include a memory bypass switch for experimentation with your sounds.

The pedal is a true bypass and it comes with a standard EHX 9.6DC200mA PSU. This is a finely tuned piece of musical mastery to help you get more out of your guitar playing. Get yours for a reasonable price and receive fast, efficient shipping. This is here and it is one of the best Chorus pedals for worship you can ever find.

With the help of this chorus pedal, you will be able to play the most beautiful and smooth Chorus on your guitar. It comes with 3 knobs that are used to control the speed, depth, and tone of the chorus effect that you can easily manipulate in order to get a great sound.

The GK-23 features perfectly spaced premium quality analog chorus tones designed specifically for use with either a single guitar or an entire band. The chorus’ pre-delay feature is the perfect way to add a special touch to any performance.

EX-Gemini: Outstanding Chorus Pedal

The EX-Gemini Chorus Pedal offers a wide variety of chorus and vibrato effects, with selectable dual, in or out-of-phase modes. Switch instantly from chorus to vibrato with the tap of a footswitch. Two modes on the fly! This chorus pedal provides stereo out plus true bypass. Longer decay and more stable performance than the older EXP series.

This is a good chorus and an excellent value. This chorus pedal gives you gorgeous chorus tones in an easy-to-use design with plenty of headroom and volume. The level control blends your clean guitar signal with the effected sound for a perfect mix. Add shimmering ambiance to your clean tone or use it to add some flash to your chords and riffs.

This Chorus Pedal was created as an addition to the successful EX series of mysterious and inexpensive analog pedals designed and built in Japan. The design is a completely original creation by our Japantown engineers, with zero influence from the ’80s chorus pedal market. It combines the most lustrous and enchanting features of both chorus and vibrato into a new hybrid effect.

This chorus pedal bridges the gap between vintage and modern, with a rich tone that can be dialed in to match your sonic needs. Chorus fans will love its long-awaited return. You already know that the chorus effect is ideal for adding depth and spaciousness to your sound.

From lush, warm sounds to sparkling, shimmering washes of tone, the chorus pedal gives you full control over the shape and structure of your sound. This Chorus Pedal is the latest and greatest chorus pedal from Eventide.

This multi-effect is packed with a wealth of great delay and pitch effects as well, making it versatile enough to be used in any style of music. The lush effect definitely shines best when used in a clear, uncompressed signal chain.

FLAMMA FS05: Amazing Multi Modulation Pedal Guitar Pedal

The Flamma FS05 Multi Modulation Chorus Pedal comes in a compact unit with a super-bright LED display, high-impact aluminum casing, and smooth, quick operation. It is easy to install and use for the beginner who might be just getting started using chorus pedals for worship while providing the features found in units more expensive and those that are available from leaders in the pedal industry.

This is a small but powerful stereo modulation effects pedal that contains 7 editable modulation slots. You can store up to 11 of your favorite patches into the pedal and use them in any order you like. The pedal also offers two modulation types simultaneously – Chorus and Vibrato, or Flanger and Phaser, etc.

It’s a great tool to enrich your guitar sound with new effects components and bring more color to your music. This is a multi modulation chorus pedal that delivers seven techniques in one. Chorus, Tremolo, Flanger, Phaser, plus three overdrive effects define this inspirational pedal which also has a stereo input and output – making it the perfect partner for stereo FX systems.

Independently controllable Depth and Speed controls vary each effect’s intensity whilst the Modulation Mode switch allows you to transition between seven different operational modes. This is an amazing little multi modulation chorus pedal, which has the ability to emulate 7 different modulation effects including chorus, flanger, vibrato (tremolo), phase, pan and mono, wow, and auto-wah.

In addition to these 7 modes, there is also a mode that allows you to program your own custom modulation effects. In addition to chorus, flanger, and tremolo effects, it has multiple LFO waves for more than 50 types of modulation. It features high-grade circuitry and true bypass for your tonal needs.

 Amuzik Guitar BBD Circuit Pedal: Amazing Analog Chorus Effect Pedal

The Amuzik chorus pedal employs the MN3007 BBD circuit, can provide warm, pure, and clear high-quality chorus sound. As it is mini in size, it is portable to carry around. It can bring you an amazing effect that is worth the money you spend. The advantage of this pedal is that it uses the MN3007 chip, also known as the BBD(Bucket Brigade Delay).

This is the rare vintage chip and it’s not used in most chorus pedals on the market. This Chorus Effect Pedal is made to the highest standard, made with a true bypass, and has the highest quality components. This is one of the warmest choruses on the market and works perfectly for your electric guitar or any instrument that needs to add effects.

This Chorus Pedal is a chorus pedal that uses the rare MN3007 chip with a high, warm, clean, and clear chorus sound. Using BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) circuit technology which controls the delay time and repeats ensemble. It also includes true bypass design and compact size. This Chorus Pedal is a High-Quality, Small and Simple Design.

Using the Amazing MN3007 Chip With Best Warm and Clear Sound Quality This Chorus Pedal will Compliment Your Playing, While it’s Because simple design It can Be Easily Applied to Every Player’s Style! The Amuzik Gauge provides you with a vintage analog chorus effect that is useful for all kinds of music.

You’ll find that it works especially well with acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, basses, and even vocals. This chorus pedal uses the rare MN3007 chip with high warm and clear chorus sound, which is completely different from the brightness and overdrive of a distortion pedal.

JOYO JF-05: Superb Chorus Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar Crisp

JOYO JF-05 Chorus Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar with True Bypass and Powerful Drive. Crisp & Transparent Classic Pedal Analog Chorus Guitar Pedal Clear Chorus Sound True Bypass. It provides rich chorus sound from one guitar input. When you want to experience the classic chorus sounds, this joyo pedal is the best choice for you.

The JOYO JF-05 is a compact true bypass chorus pedal and classic analog chorus effect pedal for electric guitar. This high-quality compact true bypass pedal has a warm and transparent analog tone. This chorus pedal is the best choice for guitarists that require a transparent and clear sound.

The pedal provides your guitar a lush chorus effect, which can be easily controlled by the knob on the left while remaining true bypass (the effect does not operate when the pedal is off). A great entry-level pedal for those looking to experiment with chorus, delay, and other effects! This is a classic retro design chorus pedal that produces a crisp and transparent chorus.

The JOYO series can give you the classic analog sound without noise and distortion. The pedal will be your good company in the bedroom, on stage, and in the studio; and it will never make your ears fatigue. Solidly built with excellent workmanship, this durable pedal will accompany you for years. It’s equipped with a tone knob to fine-tune the sound according to your preference.

The pedal is a true bypass during chorusing and won’t affect your tone when off. Please enjoy it!

 Playwell: Great Single Effect Pedal (Chorus)

The Playwell Single Effect Pedal (Chorus) is a flexible, ultra-compact pedal loaded with features that offer a broad range of sonic possibilities. Use it to add depth, texture, and movement to electric guitar and bass tones. Great for a producer looking for that special quality that makes you want to hit replay, or as an effect you can leave on all the time.

Let’s start with a powerful chorus pedal that can enhance your bass tone. This pedal is not only capable of producing a rich and thick chorus sound, but it also adds dimension to your sound. It has two controls, “speed” and “depth”. The speed controls the rate of the modulation, while the depth controls the strength of the effect.

The Playwell chorus pedal can be powered by a current adapter or six AA batteries, so it’s ready to go when you are! This pedal is a chorus pedal that we have added a high-quality analog switch circuit board for improved durability and isolation, a low-noise filter circuit, two input methods, four switch mode variations, and one noninversion switching method.

This pedal is a must-have for worship bands and solo musicians who want to add depth and dimension to their sound with minimal hassle. We’ve used cutting-edge technology to make this quality pedal both easy-to-use and affordable. Includes 9V DC adapter. Chorus pedals create the lush, swirling sound of a choir or full band as heard on recordings.

With high-quality effects and pedal designs that emulate vintage and boutique pedals, this is the category to choose if you want authentic sound from your chorus pedal. A chorus pedal with multiple presets is also a good fit if you need to switch between different chorus sounds during your live set.