Learn How To Be Funny

Humor or comedy is a habit of amusing experiences to give amusement and sometimes elicit laughs. The word derives from the ancient Greek word humerus, which meant “a tempering fluid”. From this root word, the habit of enjoying or laughing at the misfortune or funny situations came into existence and has remained so. Humor is one of those vices which we all love to indulge ourselves in gladly, even if we know it is ill advised.


It may be so said that laughter is the best medicine; a healthy dose of laughter can help us recover from stress and tension with ease, and cure even the worst of diseases. But why is there a link between laughter and medicine? Well, the answer lies in the fact that laughter is a natural drug which can act as a powerful antidote to negative moods, feelings and emotions. Therefore, when you have a good supply of your own supply of humour, you do not suffer from ill feelings and mood swings because of a shortage of it.

So, why do we find ourselves in the company of people who are merry and who share a great laugh? As it turns out, some of these friends or companions of yours may be your friends too, and they can share a few laughs with you too. Therefore, the next time you go to a party where there are some funny people, try to join them and have some fun. But, if you find that they are not really funny, but trying to make you laugh, you can always try to tell them a joke.

This funny tip is something that you might already have known, but you may not have applied it in your life. If you have a social circle or a few friends, you should try to make them laugh whenever you are having a good time and the best way to do so is to give them jokes. This will make them laugh and they will feel that you have an inner sense of humour and know how to mix things up as well. In this way, you can easily make friends with almost anyone you meet.

However, when it comes to jokes which are very funny, the most important thing is that you use the exact lines and delivery. When you have a very funny line, people will smile and laugh with you. But, if you do not know the exact lines, you will just look lost and even bored with the whole performance. Therefore, if you are serious about learning how to be funny, you should read a lot, study good jokes and make your jokes precise.

The most important thing is that you do not overdo it with the jokes. Too many jokes will take away from your performance and it will become extremely funny for the people, but will never be funny enough for you. Therefore, make sure you only add a few jokes in your speech and focus more on sharing something deeply and humorously. When you do this, you will find how to become funny and impress the crowd easily.