Marco Coino proves that BCH failed

Back in the early days of Bitcoin, there were only a few smart people who recognized the potential in the currency. However, as the currency grew in popularity and as many people as possible held bitcoin, it launched a movement to decentralize the currency.

With only one problem.

are fast, but bitcoin transactions are slow. Visa can process about 1,700 transactions per second and processes nearly 150 million transactions per day.

Bitcoin can process seven.

Not seven thousand. Not seven million. But seven transactions per second. That makes just over 600,000 transactions a day.

It was, in many ways, the next evolution of 

Bitcoin Cash trading directories, such as Marco Coin, have popped up so users know where they can spend their Bitcoin Cash.

By gathering information generated by users, Marco Coino shows where you can trade BCH and for a while it seemed like a promising venture.

BCH supporters hailed this as an inevitable rise and success of BCH around the world.

Marco Coino Plate

At first it seemed that Marco Coino could help the widely accepted BCH as an international currency.

The Bitcoin Cash trading directory seemed ready and willing to be a central hub for data exchange, and the numbers looked promising.

However, not everything went well behind the scenes.

Customers reported waiting more than three months to approve their business – if at all. And while BCH took off in Japan and northern Queensland, other parts of the world lagged far behind.

In Europe, Slovenia has the largest number of BCHs accepting real estate with over 500 – but in the rest of continental Europe there are not even 100 suppliers

In the absence of a need for speed

Application updates take many days, and when completed, they are often misconfigured or vital data is dropped.

The enthusiasm that companies show disappears when after months they still don’t see them in the directory.

When BCH was introduced as a faster alternative to , Marco Coino could not fulfill BCH’s early promise.

Outside of BCH evangelists, people are unlikely to spend time and effort supporting the currency.

Marco Coino Security Questions

Still worrying from the delay are the potential security and safety issues associated with Marco Coin

One user reported receiving an early morning phone call from someone trying to verify his list from someone swearing and issuing bizarre threats.

While this may not be an everyday occurrence, what happened once is enough to challenge the legitimacy of the BCH.

Marco Coino points out the problems with BCH

For BCH to prove to be a viable alternative to other, it must be accessible, reliable and secure. After all three points, Marco Coino failed.

With the best will in the world and with all the benefits that Marco Coino had as an early directory of Bitcoin Cash traders, there seems to still be a break in the relationship between BCH enthusiasts and the rest of the world. And Marco Coino points out every single problem.

In order for BCH to be taken seriously along with other forms of transactions, it must go much further in proving its legitimacy.

Every delay, every , and every illegitimate business on the platform does enormous damage to the credibility of BCH as a whole.

Basically, and maybe a bit like BCH itself, Marco Coino tried to run before they managed to walk. Without established systems and processes, there was no practical way to scale Bitcoin Cash merchant directories.

The launch of an international operation without a support framework has caused – and caused – great and lasting damage to the reputation of Bitcoin Cash.


What is Marco Coino?

Marco Coino is a directory of Bitcoin Cash traders and shows where you can trade in BCH.

What does BCH mean?

BCH stands for Bitcoin Cash, which is an altcoin version of the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Is Marco Coino used in Europe?

Yes it is. Slovenia has the largest number of BCHs accepting real estate with over 500 – but in the rest of continental Europe there are not even 100 suppliers.

What is the difference between BTC (Bitcoin) and BCH (Bitcoin Cash)?

The main difference between them is the block size (BCH has a size of 8 MB, while BTC is limited to 1 MB).