The 4 Most Common Ingredients in a Personal Care Formula

Beauty is commonly defined as the emotional state of certain objects, which makes these objects enjoyable to see. These objects could be nature, humans, landscapes and works of art, among many others. Beauty, with art and beauty, is now the most significant theme of modern aesthetics, among the most important branches of social philosophy. It has also become the driving force behind a growing number of new beauty products and services. Beauty has been defined as the blend of our physical and emotional states with the help of artistic expression.

The concept of beauty, in the broadest sense, can be used to explain a range of human qualities including but not limited to attractiveness, confidence, competence, masculinity and youth. Beauty is therefore seen to be subjective, and depends on the cultural norms that surround a person. Many people argue that beauty can’t be measured because beauty depends on the individual, and that beauty depends on the ‘inner beauty’ of a person. This line of thought is further backed by the fact that we all have an inner beauty or ‘finessing’. This may be in the form of a pleasing facial expression, or even a pleasing body language. Beauty thus depends on more than outward appearances.

The beauty industry however, isn’t quite convinced with this argument. According to them, beauty is something that can be measured scientifically and objectively, through scientific and technological processes such as imaging and computer biopsy. They further argue that personal care products have been formulated to address various aspects of beauty such as: physical appearance, physiological health, biochemical balance, stress responses, antioxidant defense, etc. Thus, personal care products address and help in dealing with several different aspects of beauty.

Another aspect that the beauty industry addresses is clean beauty products. Personal care and skin care products are primarily designed to keep the skin looking and feeling its best. A well-balanced diet and exercise program are also essential for maintaining good health. Clean beauty products to help achieve this by:

Palm Oil is the most commonly used ingredient in personal and skin care products. The primary reason for its popularity is its wide range of benefits. Firstly, palm oil has moisturizing, anti-irritant, and anti-bacterial properties which help to make it a perfect beauty industry staple. Secondly, it has been used as an ingredient in almost every cosmetic product known to mankind since ancient times. Thirdly, it is widely reputed to be safe for use even on sensitive skin.

The Cleansers and Spot Removal The Cleansers that come in the market are primarily made up of two main ingredients: alcohols and silicone. Both these ingredients are used to remove dirt, make-up, dead cells, excess lipids and sebum from the surface of the skin. Most cleansing products have Sodium Laureth sulphate as their main ingredients. Unfortunately, many cosmetic companies have been using ethoxylated agents in their Cleansers and Spot Removal products. This ingredient is a possible carcinogen according to numerous scientific studies. This is one reason why you should always read the label and if in doubt, cross your fingers.