How Do I Become Funny? Exact Lines to Liven Up Your Funnier Side


How Do I Become Funny? Exact Lines to Liven Up Your Funnier Side

Learning how to become funny is very important people skill. Most people just do not realize that you actually can learn to become funny. In fact, many people want to prove to you that only the truly funny people really hone their witty craft to the point where they are known as real “funny people”. And funny things do matter. So what does it really take to learn the ability to be funny?

Well there are a few different types of funny things you could attempt to do. Jokes, for example, are an exceptionally funny way to make others laugh. However, if you attempt to use jokes in order to simply “teach” somebody something, you will find yourself wanting to wipe your feet. Jokes can be used to teach people to think, but only a select few of them can actually help someone become extremely funny. This is because, ironically, jokes cannot help someone become funny if they are not actually funny themselves.

Instead, there are two other methods through which one can learn to become funny: through the power of imagery and through the power of the opposite answer. When it comes to figuring out how to become funny through imagery, an easy way is to simply use pictures. For instance, one might notice a picture of a funny face and immediately begin thinking about funny faces. Thus, by simply thinking about a funny face, the brain will begin to produce this image. Thus, if you simply take a funny picture and look at it with somebody else, they will begin laughing automatically, showing that the mere sight of another person having a good laugh automatically triggers the laughter gene in us all.

Thus, to figure out how to become funnier through the power of the opposite answer, all one needs to do is think about an everyday situation and then to think about the opposite of that situation. Now, this does not mean that one has to invent an entire theory on how the world works, or even a scientific method of answering such a question. Rather, this simple technique will get you thinking about the things around you as well as about the things happening around you. By thinking about things around you and the things that are happening, you will realize that you are indeed funny, even if you do not know exactly how.

This does not mean that you have to come up with your own funny theory or that you have to invent an exact line. Rather, when you notice that something is funny, all you need to do is look at it closely and say yes. This simple observation will prove that you are indeed funny; and yes, by saying yes, you will also be saying yes to others. Thus, by using the power of the opposite answer, you can make yourself funnier through the precise lines of your joke.

A third option that people often take when they want to know how do I become funny is to turn to humorists. But, beware! Some of these so-called funny things may just be efforts to sell you some products or make a quick buck. You have to exercise utmost caution when deciding how and when to laugh, especially when humorists try to sell you their products.