What Is Beauty?

The word beauty comes from the Greek words kerastos and meaning beauty. A more fitting definition would be “the state or condition of being beautiful”. Beauty is often defined as a physical trait that makes objects enjoyable to see. Such objects might include sunsets, landscapes, humans and beautiful works of art.


However, some people argue that beauty is subjective and not objective. They say that what makes one person beautiful to you may be different from what a million people deem to be beautiful. Others point out that beauty is relative, which means it is determined by what someone else sees as beautiful. What may look like beauty to one person may not be as attractive to another. It is possible therefore to be both beautiful in appearance and not be very appealing to others.

There are also those who say beauty is a matter of appearances. In other words, a person may be beautiful because they have perfectly symmetrical features or have a pleasing face. However, these aspects are not necessarily a definitive aspect of beauty. There are other factors to consider as well. These may include how a person moves, stands or dresses.

It can be said that beauty is within a person, rather than what they look like. For example, a thin, fair-skinned person may be considered beautiful by some. However, this does not mean that every person with a fair complexion, light hair and dark eyes will look or feel beautiful. Similarly, someone who stands with straight legs and has an athletic body type may also look attractive.

Beauty is also seen in the way a person carries themselves. A statuesque or slender figure is considered to be beauty. While someone with a large or stocky figure may not look beautiful. Again, it depends on the way a person walks, the clothing they wear, the accessories they wear and even their demeanor. Overall, beauty comes from within and is not necessarily displayed externally.

It is also important to note that beauty is not only seen on a physical level. One’s inner beauty may also be greatly enhanced by improving one’s outward appearance. For example, a person may be highly attractive to others but if they do not look or feel confident about their appearance they will be unsuccessful at accomplishing any success. Confidence is a state of mind and a person can enhance their level of confidence by changing their wardrobe, making over their hair and even practicing positive self-talk. Eventually, these actions will lead to improved confidence and a better self-image.