Sample Resume – List Your Favorite Hobby on it!

A hobby is defined as an ordinary activity that’s done for fun, usually during one’s free time, typically at home. Hobbies range from art hobbies to collecting cars, dolls, and other collectibles. For some, their hobby may even include sports and games. Some hobbies are very specialized. For instance, if a person enjoys taking golf lessons, they could be considered a golf hobbyist. Sports and games are very common hobbies, and most people enjoy playing a variety of them throughout their lives.


The hobby that you choose to pursue depends on what interests you and your skills. For example, if you want to learn more about wine but don’t know anything about grapes, you could take up a hobby related to the grapes. A sample answer for this question would be taking up a hobby related to a subject you know something about, such as photography, art, birds, horseback riding, stamp collecting, etc. All of these hobbies offer many opportunities to meet new people, keep learning, and have fun.

The reason a hobby helps you get a fresher resume is two-fold. First of all, most hobbies are much less demanding than careers, so you’ll find it much easier to get hired. Secondly, many hobbies are much less expensive than most careers, so taking up a hobby helps you save money. So, if your dream is to become a teacher, consider taking up art or teaching for a few years before considering a career change. If you’re interested in becoming a stock broker, you can find a job in that field without spending much money on formal training.

If your dream is to be a stock broker, a good starting point is to determine your personal interests, such as whether you like to travel, play sports, watch television, build model trucks, collect stamps, or build model cars. You can put all of these hobbies or interests in your hobbies section of a resume. For example, if you love to travel, put that section on your resume listings for finance or investment jobs. Similarly, if you really like watching sports, put that section on your resume listing for entry-level finance jobs.

What is your favorite hobby? What is your biggest and most expensive purchase? These could be good sample answers to use as a statement of your personal interests. For example, if you love collecting sports cards, put those interests on your resume listing. Also, if you have a big family, list your hobbies, including your children’s favorite sport or movie.

When listing your hobbies on your sample resume, don’t just use any sample answers for the first line. Make sure you fully explain your favorite hobbies in detail. This will demonstrate that you take pride in your hobbies, and your enthusiasm will shine through in your application. As a side note, don’t neglect your professional side. Highlight your years of experience in your resume, and tell your prospective employer how qualified you are for the position.